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“How could he try to get [her] to reveal her true colors when she was a rainbow?”

― Peggy Webb

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Sir had found out i was being kicked out of my apartment after i lost my job.  He said he had an extra room where i could stay.  He was about an hour from the city and he said it was bare bones, but at least i wouldn’t be homeless.

"You can put your things in my storage space, it’s only about half full now, and you won’t need furniture and stuff." 

I jumped at the chance.  I moved out with his help, making a stop at the storage facility where all my stuff easily fit. I fit everything else i’d need into a large suitcase. In no time at all, he was locking the door up with the heavy duty padlock again.

Sir’s home was up a long drive. The home seemed very quiet.  He said he’d show me the room and suggested i leave my suitcase upstairs. As we started down the stairs Sir had said, “You’re going to love it down here, and I’m sure I’m going to love having you.  There are no windows, but there are plenty of lights.”  He unlocked a rather thick door at the bottom of the stairs with a key from the chain on his belt, and held the door open for me to enter first. As i passed him he surprised me with a shove.

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Red-Headed Woman (1932) dir. Jack Conway

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